$BLING: An Insight Into TVHG’s Official Token

In the last article, we gave you an exciting sneak peek into what TVHG brings you all. And, we’re sure that all those exciting features of TVHG have excited you as well!!

The TV Head Gang is an open-world multiplayer strategy game where you may plan, play head-to-head, and collect tokens that can be converted to cryptocurrency. Have you watched TVHG sneak peek trailer?

Today we will take a look at TVHG’s token $BLING, which is a significant part of TVHG and will take you through its utility in TVHG and, of course, its liquidity. So, let’s go!!

What is $BLING?

TVHG’s official token is $BLING. It will be a core of TVHG once it launches, allowing players with foresight to boost their profits via various LP mining and NFT staking games. Going by the BLING ticker, BLING follows the ERC-20 standard on the Ethereum Mainnet. In peer-to-peer transactions, they are transferable an infinite number of times. Bling will be utilized throughout all sections of TVHG, game, world, and marketplaces.

How can you get your hands on $BLING?

Bling may be earned by putting your TV Head Gang NFTs at stake at The Clubhouse.

There is a Radio Station in TVHG. The TVHG variant of Liquidity Farming is RadioStation Activities. If we exclude the birds ;) the RadioStation in World 42 has a few more surprises.

A place in-game where you may deposit liquidity in exchange for receiving $Bling; your Bling earnings will run concurrently with the period of the liquidity you deposit.

When you arrive at the Station, speak with DJ Klone to open a Scratch List, where you may couple your preferred token with $Bling and begin staking in the associated x — token’s pool.

As the Buddy Birds fly about and cause havoc at the Radio Station, they are mutated by the Scratch List’s varied sound waves.

Buddy Birds which are cool buddies for obtaining locked liquidity prizes

This Buddy Bird’s NFT collectible will have random features that can be utilized to unlock the $Bling at the Radio Station. Once the round is over, you’ll be able to earn $Bling passively in a locked and unlocked pool based on the amount you’ve staked. Pretty exciting!! Isn’t it?

Utility of $BLING

There is pretty much ALOT exciting stuff that you can do with $BLING in TVHG. Let us take you through a few highlights of what exciting stuff can $BLING bring to you in TVHG.

  • The Frequency Chamber may be fueled with $Bling and $Marbles, enabling you to generate new Gang members by pairing two existing Gang members.
  • To mine your locked liquidity rewards, you may utilize $Bling to create Buddy Bird NFTs.
  • Members and token holders may govern future TVHG developments and releases.
  • With the Treehouse Market, you may swap TVHG assets and purchase/sell them to upgrade your gang’s ability and gear.
  • In the TVHG ecosystem, you’ll be able to mine a locked liquidity pool for extra earning potential.
  • Use it to stake your TVHG members in the clubhouse for daily and monthly rewards.

$BLING’s Tokenomics & Liquidity

The Max. supply of $BLING is capped at 520 million tokens. It does, however, have a 140-months vesting period.

The image below shows how the token is distributed.

That’s pretty much about $BLING, we guess?! We are sure there is a constant increase in your excitement as we unveil TVHG cool features periodically! And we here are extremely confident that this excitement will keep going on and on to increase. We can feel ya impatience for its release.

We are positive about its early release so you all can ACTUALLY get to experience all these cool features by yourself!

Keep up with The TV Head Gang for more updates and experiences!




The TV Heads Gang is a retro yet futuristic play-to-earn game on ETH, a unique multiplayer strategy to play with friends. Join Discord: rebrand.ly/discord-tv

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The Tv Head Gang

The Tv Head Gang

The TV Heads Gang is a retro yet futuristic play-to-earn game on ETH, a unique multiplayer strategy to play with friends. Join Discord: rebrand.ly/discord-tv

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